Irvine Systems, Inc. is a technology-oriented independently owned corporation that offers IT Consulting, Web Applications and Network Systems Development, and Systems Management.

We provide agile, flexible, and selected but fully skilled and dedicated teams for each project. We value on capabilities of making prompt decisions, and establishing good communications in order to maximize our client’s benefit. We also believe that our accumulated technologies and know-how is the key to help the contribution, and thus manage most of the projects in-house.

We at Irvine Systems, Inc. have led many projects to success both in entertainment and enterprise markets. Our passionate and experienced team provides multidiscipline expertise across a wide range of fields.

We are winning our client’s absolute confidence and high satisfaction on our practical project management methods, and our communication abilities in multiple languages including in Japanese, Chinese and English, as well as our technical capabilities.

We pride ourselves on contributing continuously to the development of our client’s business in the field of IT.

Masahiro Nakajima


Irvine Systems, Inc.